Frenchie for dinner (again!) – this time in Paris!

So as it turned out, Frenchie Paris is just at my doorstep, great planning (except i had no reservation) and although I couldn’t get into the restaurant as such (they have a one month waiting list) the Frenchie bar across the lane was fantastic, the atmosphere & service were just as you want in a packed Parisian bar & the sound was track very cool. The food verdict, equally as good (if not better) than Covent Garden!

just one street from my apartment – and I didn’t even plan it!
the Frenchie Bar kitchen – yes thats all of it…..
Burrata, pesto, apricot, unusal combo in my book, but it really worked, especially with the toasted nuts onto top
Merguez, yoghurt and mustard greens, could have done with more spice in the actual sausage, but was still tasty
roasted cauliflower, smoked eel (as a puree), pomelo
tortellini vertes, mushrooms & peas, with a ricotta filling – the flavour of nettles really shone through in the pasta, great roasting juices as a sauce.
Chicken, fried potato, & chickpeas – cooked as the french do, the table beside me sent theirs back to be to more cooked, but I thought mine was perfect……
rose granita, rose water sherbet, crystalised rose leaves, a freeby because I ate so much! deliciously light and a great finish to a fantastic evening

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