Frenchie Covent garden

After visiting French earlier in the year (see the dishes from that visit below), I wanted to return to see what a new season had to bring, it didn’t disappoint either, great (simple) food, cooked with passion……..potentially too much much passion judging from the language coming from the kitchen when Chef Marchand arrived, making the ladies on the opposite table to me blush but who am I to speak………I love the food & atmosphere here.

The French Covent Garden team hard at it


Snacks – maple glazed, bacon scones, clotted cream – Falafel, aubergine and preserved lemon – pork crackling with apple & mint
Scallop ceviche, tomatoes, yoghurt
Cornish crab tagloilini, based on a bisque
Haddock, herbs & lemon
strawberries & raspberries, meringues, vanilla cream, passionfruit
apricot tart, herb ice cream, almond frangipane

The dishes from my May 2017 visit

Burrata with fresh artichokes
duck parpadelle
warm chocolate mousse, bacon ice cream

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