Duck Soup, Soho, Deliciousness!

So after gaining some insider knowledge after a meeting with the Sustainable restaurant Association, last nights dinner was at Duck soup in Soho, Delicious food served shared style in a way too cool basement…….what more could you ask for, oh they also played vinyls…….excuse the pictures, it was only lit by candle light, but need to share the food as is was fantastic.

The first course,  smashed it – it had been a long day – and I didn’t remeber to photograph before it was devoured, but a simple dish of finely sliced yellow courgette, dressed with dill, yoghurt and barley, with a great olive oil and vinegar……..alongside a text book negroni, yes please.

grilled octopus with fennel – great char on the octopus, copious olive oil and juices for the cracking bread
slow cooked lamb with peas & pecorino – mopped up with delicious bread and hand churned butter – could eat this every meal!!!
Skate, cockles, grilled onions, capers and tarragon
Duck Soup, get it if you can!!!!

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