Chez Panise


So old school its cool again…….

Chez Panise is lauded for using the highest-quality food available, this entails sourcing food that is locally, organically, and sustainably grown. The menu is dictated by what is fresh and in season, a Kitchen meeting at 1.30pm each day essentially sets the menu for the evening, although they some idea of what they’d like to cook an publish this a week in advance – it is subject to change though as new ingredients turn up.. The restaurant has a network of farmers, ranchers, and dairies that produce and supply specifically for them the best produce of the season, which is then cooked fro scratch and served fresh, every day.

The Chez Panisse team are convinced that the best-tasting food is organically and locally grown and harvested in ways that are ecologically sound by people who are taking care of the land for future generations. The quest for such ingredients has always determined the restaurant’s cuisine. Since 1971, Chez Panisse has invited diners to partake of the immediacy and excitement of vegetables just out of the garden, fruit right off the branch, and fish straight out of the sea – and it shows in the shinning flavor of each ingredient.

The kitchen set up is very traditional, very old school, with a large central heart for cooking over wood………


(picture Curtsey of Wikipedia as no photography allowed)

Friday April 21st menu

Deep fried Aspragus with whipped ricotta, sage and range zest

Dungeness crab bisque with sorrel and paprika crutons

Wolfe Ranch Quail alla divola with mustard flower salsa, snap peas and faro with spring onions

(definatley the best quail that I have ever eaten!)

Chocolate sorbetto and mint parfait meringata

(proposed) Saturday 22nd April

Local halibut tartare with cucumber and radish salad, black pepper flat bread and green coriander

Sheeps milk ricotta gnocchi with morel mushrooms, sweet peas and mint

Grilled Stemple creek ranch beef loin wit red wine sauce, asparagus, fava beans and fennel gratin

Bittersweet chocolate tartlet with hazelnut praline

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