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So today is the first day of my Churchill journey, to research sustainable practices in high end kitchens, it a 9 week tour visiting and working in some of the most sustainable restaurants in the world, first stop Alice Waters, Chez Panise, San Francisco then onto Blue Hill at Stone Barns in New York for two weeks. Over to Copenhagen next for stints at Relae and Amass before heading to the UK to meet with the Jamie Oliver Foundation and the Sustainable Restaurant Association to talk bringing their “Food Made Good” awards to Oz. Throw a UKharvest pop up using solely reclaimed foods and it adds up to be one EPIC trip!

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  1. Hi Cameron,
    Hello from Noosa. I hope that your trip is off to a great start. Green with envy – Chez Panisse and Blue Hill are at the top of my bucket lists. I have eaten at Amass but not Relae (yet). I am contacting you as I recently completed a Masters in Food Culture and Communications: Sustainability and Human Ecology, at the University of Science and Gastronomy (UNISG), in Pollenzo, Piedmont, Italy. This is the university established by Slow Food ~ 13 years ago. I realise that Italy is not on your formal itinerary but if you do have any side trips, a trip to the University and the Slow Food hub in Bra would be relevant, as it is a unique University of Gastronomy in that it has a primarily holistic and sustainable approach. I could put you in touch with people there if you do not have contacts already. Of course, being an Italian establishment, everything is naturally a little bit crazy but that is its appeal. You will meet a lot of very passionate people determined to change the food world. Also, my fellow Masters students came from the US, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Norway, the UK and of course Italy, among others, so if you are seeking advice / recommendations in any places, I can put the word out. Also, you are probably aware of the restaurant in Albania that seems to take sustainability to a whole new level. Another that is on my Wishlist. Another great side trip if you have time.
    I also spent a few days with a great young guy in Copenhagen who is assisting with Noma’s and Amass’s garden set up and is working on a number of urban farming projects in Copenhagen – He is not easy to pin down as he is super busy and underfunded, but he might be a good person to meet up with, to get some insights into the processes and challenges involved.
    I realise that your itinerary is probably overflowing already but thought I would put it out there in case. One can never have enough connections and the stronger the sustainable networks there are, the better. Now that I am back in Noosa I am hoping to find a way to educate people and improve food systems but it is early days. I am new to the area so would welcome contacts myself!
    I hope that this adventure is as great for you as my Masters in Italy was for me. A truly wonderful experience – now it is back to reality and trying to work out how to be effective in changing ingrained food and agricultural systems.
    Kind regards


    1. Hi Sheelin,

      Any contacts that you can throw my way would be appreciated, it all helps, would like to meet up when I get to Oz as well and discuss what we can do, as you mention strength in numbers!! I am staging at Amass starting next week, so your contact there could be really useful. Have you had any contact with the SRA in the UK, they’re fantastic….

      Thanks for getting in touch, lets talk more!


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